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I realized that this is what renovation is all about! A Western-style room of approximately 13.7 tatami mats facing south. We focused on creating an open and functional space. リノベーションとはこういうものだと実感!南向きに約13.7帖の洋室を実現。開放的で機能性のある空間創りに注力しました。


The wallpaper color is unified in light gray to create a chic look. Considering daily cooking, the width of the kitchen is 2700. The contrast between the wood grain and the achromatic color shines.




We succeeded in creating a space of about 23 tatami mats in the LDK so that we can produce a more panoramic view from the wide balcony. We also carry out renovations that are particular about products such as doors.ワイドバルコニーからのパノラマをより演出できるようにLDK約23帖の空間を造ることに成功しました。各ドア等の商材にもこだわったリフォームを行っております。


This time, it's basic, but with playfulness in the key points. We are particular about the color selection of the shower head and cloth, and I think that the people who live there can enjoy it even more.




In consideration of the region, buyers, and floor plan, we have completed a remodeling work that is healthy and enjoyable every day. It is a room that has handrails in each place for both safety and comfort.地域や購入者層や間取りを考慮して、毎日が健康で楽しく過ごせるリフォームを考えて完成しました。各所に手すりを設けて、安心と快適を兼ね揃えた一室です。


Finally completed! This time, I imagined the appearance of an adult that wiped out the natural colors and appealed the material. Please see and touch the real thing



This time, we reformed with a simple and clean image.In order to use it more widely and functionally, the fittings also adopt a sliding type.



The customer did the remodeling himself. Because it was a young couple, the sense is the best! It is a preeminent color scheme. As a result of thinking, it was a very nice renovation.



Corner room is bright and ventilated well so accent wallpaper used sharp tone lowered color. That is the image of a cool adult?



As the building's exterior was a cool building with concrete finish, I aimed for renovation that is chic and conscious of the mood of adults. The air conditioner also adopted a type that can be used simultaneously in two rooms.



It is a 4LDK with a private area of 93.99 m². Adopting playfulness while adding sharpness. There is renovation unique to the tower apartment. The balance between ties and divisions was a point.



how is it? this is very cute, is not it? It is renovation of the merchant who we are always asking for. If it is such a room, it seems that time to enjoy the house will increase rather than going out.



I tried to unify the whole with an antique style door. How is it? Is the blue balance as a point accent in the white spread?



Can you judge the difference between new and second-hand goods? It may be difficult to judge if you carefully use it. Reviving is also the real thrill of reform.



A story that makes your dream come true. A comfortable living place welcomes you by adding one time to the past living space.


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